Dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning

Depending on your dryer efficiency, the length of the dryer duct, and other aspects that affect your dryer, the general rule of thumb is to have Dryer Vent Cleaning performed every 6 months to 3 years. This is key in preventing your dryer from overheating and causing a house fire. Dryer Vent Cleaning is inexpensive and keeps your dryer working properly.

Over time, your dryer vent accumulates with dirt, lint, and debris. When this happens, air and moisture are unable to escape your dryer, leaving your clothes wet. By preventing the accumulation of dirt, lint, and debris in your dryer vent, you are ensuring that your dryer will run correctly.

Dryer vent cleaning is essential in extending the life and performance of your dryer. For many homeowners this factor is not thought of until the dryer stops working or overheats and causes a fire.

Dryer vent cleaning improves the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of your dryer installation.

Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs to be cleaned:

• The top of your dryer is hot to the touch while running
• Your dryer takes over 40 minutes to dry a load of laundry
• Your clothes have a musty or moldy smell
• Excess lint on the clothing