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Safe House Air Duct and Carpet Cleaning

Safe House is a well known name in the air duct and carpet cleaning industry. We provide a wide range of services such as air vent cleaning, carpet cleaning and water removal. Everyone wants there house to be clean and dirt free all the time. We make these tasks easier for you so you are stress and trouble free.

Safe House is a team of professionals with friendly yet experienced people on it. Once you hand over the job to us you will not have to worry over these things. We are aware of the difficulties one has to face while trying to keep everything clean around you, hence we offer you our services with latest technology so that you can feel comfortable and hygienic all the time.

Our Approach

You'll appreciate our hands-on approach to every job, delivered by friendly, professional, and certified technicians. We have high standards and aim to exceed them every time.

Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that an improper air duct cleaning can degrade the air quality of your home or work space? Using the wrong tools, such as ordinary household or shop vacuums...

Water Damage

Water damage arises from many different sources for many different reasons. Whether from fire damage, broken pipes, blocked drains, malfunctioning appliances...

Carpet Cleaning

We have been cleaning in the Los Angeles and Orange County area since 1945. We are the number one choice for all your Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning needs...

Air Duct Cleaning Rockville:

Air Ducts are one of the reasons for your surroundings to be unhygienic and your atmosphere not pure. Household material and chap vacuums cannot do the job, what more they loosen the airborne particles and dust particles which are then released indoor, polluting the atmosphere of your home. Most of the Americans are indoor 90percent of their time and what they are breathing is not very healthy. Sitting in your house, you are very sure that your are safe, but are you? The atmosphere round you is contaminated and polluted by the airborne debris that has entered through your air ducts. Hence, keeping your air ducts clean has become quite important.
When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts, or changed your furnace filter? Can’t remember? Safe house will take care of it. We will have a look around your house and clean it to the point that you are ensured that the air you are breathing is clean and pure.

Air Duct Cleaning Silver Spring:

Duct cleaning silver spring is although a difficult and time taking task but Safe House offers a variety of services that will take care of your air ducts so you are very sure about your clean and pure atmosphere. Safe House offers services for both residential and commercial properties. We are expert in mold and rodent removal.  The team of Safe House consist of professionals and certified individuals hence we will make sure that you are satisfied because building a healthy relationship with our clients is what we struggle for.

Air Duct Cleaning Potomac:

If you have any doubt that your air ducts are contaminated, don’t hesitate and contact Safe House as soon as possible so that we can investigate the issue and customize a cleaning routine that is appropriate for your residential or commercial property. Everyone wants to breathe in clean and pure air, for which you need to get you air duct cleaning Potomac done. We have a team of certified and highly skilled professionals who will resolve your issues and satisfy you with the best of our services. Our technician will look into the cause of the contamination so that it can be put right.

Air Duct Cleaning Bowie:

According to EPA the chemical that are utilized in the standard air duct cleaning methods are toxic, hence making Safe House the best and most secure option for your duct cleaning bowie as we make sure that the elements we use for cleaning your air ducts are 100 percent green , safe natural and ph-balanced enzyme cleansers which will disinfect our air venting system, hence making it 100 percent safe for you and your family.

Air Duct Cleaning Columbia:

It’s a common fact that many of the air duct cleaning companies use toxic chemicals that can cause real harm to you and your surroundings, in this case Safe House becomes the most perfect and best option for you as we offer cleansing of your air venting system and duct cleaning Columbia using 100 percent natural and ph-balanced enzyme cleansers. Our team of professionals and certified people is best in the town.

Air Duct Cleaning Ellicott City:

How long has it been since you got you sir ducts cleaned. Well its very important to get them cleaned as duct cleaning Ellicott city ensures that you get pure and clean air without any contamination. Safe House uses 100 percent natural and ph balanced enzymes that are not toxic and does not harm you. Many other companies use chemicals that although lean your air ducts but cause more harm than any benefit as they are very harmful to health. We have a team of professional who make sure that you get what you deserve: clean air without any contamination.

Air Duct Cleaning Bethesda:

Duct Cleaning Bethesda is a time consuming task but is also very important to keep you environment healthy and hygienic. Safe House does the task for you in a professional and timely manner so that you are satisfied. We aim to build a strong relationship with our clients hence we deliver what we promise.
Carpet Cleaning:
We offer a range of services and carpet cleaning is one of them. Carpet cleaning can be really hectic hence Safe House makes sure that the task is done according to your wishes and in a professional manner. The services we offer are listed as follows:
  1.  Expert Spot removal
  2. Gum and wax removal
  3. Deodorizing
  4. Disinfecting
In order to make sure that your carpet that your carpets are 100 percent clean we use truck mounted high power steam cleaning  ( hot water extraction) for the deepest cleaning possible. WE have the latest technology and equipment to clean your carpets. We also offer transport services for picking up and delivering your carpets, all you need to do is give us a call.

Water Damage Services Waldrof:

Safe House also provide water damage services so that your house is safe and secure. We do our work in a professional and friendly manner. The water damage repair services we offer are listed as follows:
  1. Water Damage Assessment
  2. Water Extraction
  3. Structural Drying
  4. Structural Restoration.

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